We are among the top echelon of leading certified safety professionals across New York State, and our clients agree. See how our high success rate has positively impacted our clients and what they’re saying about William Marletta Safety Consultants. 

What Our Clients
Are Saying About Us

We’re recommended by leading Personal Injury attorneys across the New York state, and across the country. Our certified safety professionals have worked for over thirty-five years to create excellence in the field of safety, and our clients agree. See what they’re saying:

Dr. Marletta's expansive knowledge of relevant codes and completeness in his evaluations sets him far above others in the world of Safety Experts.  His comprehensive reports have helped us to obtain justice for our clients.  I am thankful for his commitment and willingness to get on the phone, day or night, to address questions about a potential case or an existing case.  His client focus and expertise makes him our 'go-to' expert.

Let me say this: I refer you to everyone who asks for an Expert of your caliber. I refer friends to you and also speak about you on a listserv."

Dr. Marletta does a tremendous amount of work for us and he does it better than anyone. Thanks."

Dear Dr. Marletta, fantastic work! Thank you very much. Great product."

I’ve noticed Dr. Marletta’s stamp has been much bolder and more evenly applied. It has made all the difference. Great Job!"

I trust Dr. Marletta with my most significant cases involving site safety and premises liability. The depth of knowledge he has brought to my cases always shines through in his detailed and well thought through reports and testimony."

Great news Team Marletta, jury came back 100% against the Defendant!  I heard that Dr. Marletta did great and was very well received by the jury.  Thanks for all of your help. Have a great holiday and hope we can use you again."

Dr. Marletta, a terrific deposition today. You put us in the game, when it looked very precarious. THANK YOU!"

I have retained Bill Marletta on Personal Injury lawsuits for over 30 years.  He is simply the best safety expert that I have ever had the honor of knowing.  Whether at a site inspection or on the witness stand (he has testified on behalf of my clients many times and is excellent at connecting with jurors and handling difficult cross-examinations), Bill is always honest, extremely intelligent, very well spoken, responsible, insightful, personable and is an accomplished national leader in his field of safety.  He tells you the unvarnished truth about your case from day one which is gold for any trial attorney.  I have recommended him to colleagues for decades and will continue doing so because he is THE "it man" in the field of safety."

I have reviewed the affidavit and think you’ve batted it out of the park. I love it and I think we should prevail because of it.

Dr. Marletta:
I just want to compliment you on the affidavit you prepared so I can oppose the SJ motion.

It is obvious that you put a lot of work into the case and really know it top to bottom.  I wish I could always rely on my experts to do such thorough and professional work.

I’ll call you tomorrow to arrange to get a signed copy. Thanks again."

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