At William Marletta Safety Consultants, our unwavering commitment is to cultivate and advocate for a safe and thriving environment for the broader community. We achieve this by actively contributing to the advancement of research, codes, and standards as it relates to safety in our environment.

Our dedication to excellence fuels our mission to elevate the quality of life within our world. Through collaborative teamwork, adept problem-solving, and a steadfast devotion to upholding superior standards of quality and safety, we forge a path towards a safer and more secure tomorrow. Each step we take is aimed at effecting positive change, one transformative stride at a time.


Dr. William Marletta,
Ph.D., CSP

Safety Consultant

Anthony Marletta,
Ph.D., CSP

Safety Consultant

Anthony Arma,

Safety Consultant

James De Socio,

Safety Consultant


Stephanie Zucchi

Research Analyst

Karen Scotto


Christina Urban

Research Analyst

Suzanne Hearty

 Executive Assistant & Scheduling Coordinator 


William Marletta Safety Consultants has specialized in safety exclusively for over three decades. We are one of very few certified safety professional consulting firms in New York State. Our years of experience in the safety field combined with our vast knowledge of industry-specific codes, standards and regulations distinguishes our services and earned William Marletta Safety Consultants a superior reputation.  

We boast an extremely high success rate among our cases, value the greater community that we serve and consistently perform to the best of our ability.  We believe in working with honesty, integrity, and building long lasting relationships with clients.

William Marletta Safety Consultants is, and has always been, a family-owned and family-operated business. Our success is a reflection of our unique one-on-one relationships, and our dedication to the pursuit of universal safety is the eclat of our decades’ worth of victory and accomplishment.   

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